Cryptocurrency Trading Services & Investment Analysis.

Enjoy exclusive access to our multi-exchange trading platform and advanced market insight. Our intelligent services give you the power to take advantage of relative trading and arbitrage opportunities.

About CCA

The Cryptocurrency Analytics Company was founded in July 2013 to create a multi-exchange Bitcoin/Litecoin trading service and provide investment analysis for cryptographic currencies. We have authored proprietary trading software that interacts simultaneously with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges including Bitstamp, BTC-e and Bitfinex.

Our software searches for relative trading opportunities between exchanges, or arbitrage opportunities. It compares those opportunities to historical averages and user-defined thresholds and executes profitable trades automatically.

We operate this platform on low latency professional grade servers, and assist our clients in distributing and trading their Bitcoin or Litecoin across exchanges. Whether you're purchasing cryptocurrency for the first time, hedging your Bitcoin/Litecoin exposure against a fiat currency, or selling your cryptocurrency holdings, we are confident that we can help you find the best price.

Our goal is to expand our proprietary statistical arbitrage service to additional digital asset exchanges in order to take advantage of untapped markets in addition to Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Bitcoin arbitrage?

    Our trading strategy takes advantage of Bitcoin market inefficiencies--we trade against price differences between exchanges that trade in the same asset. We examine the relationship between two digital asset exchanges on a historical basis, and when the relationship deviates too far from the average, we take instantaneous market positions on behalf of clients.

  2. What exchanges is your software compatable with?

    Our software is compatable with the following exchanges:

  1. What is your average execution time for a trade?

    Our latency to major exchanges is industry grade at 5 to 30 milliseconds. Order execution happens on average .5 to 1.5 seconds after an opportunity is detected. This is a consistently improving statistic as the major exchange APIs improve.

  2. How much risk is involved in this kind of trade?

    Statistical arbitrage relies on predicting the relationship between markets, based on their history. When this prediction is correct, the risk is negligible. Historically, our predictions have been highly accurate.

  3. Do you have access to withdraw money from my account?

    No. Your API keys do not allow us to withdraw or deposit funds.

  4. How do I set up an account?

    First, contact us using the sign up box at the top of this page, then email a short introduction to We will walk you through the process. Here is a synopsis:

    • If you don't already have accounts on Bitstamp or Bitfinex, and BTC-e, sign up on their websites.
    • Get your accounts on these exchanges verified by confirming your email, and then submitting identity documents (identity documents only required for Bitstamp).
    • Set up API keys. Enable trading permissions and disable deposit/withdraw permissions. On Bitstamp, you can find this in Security → API Access. it looks like this:

    • On BTC-e, it looks like this:

    • On Bitfinex, it looks like this:

    • On Kraken, it looks like this:

    • Check your email for verification links from the exchanges. Click on the link and your API keys are set up!
    • Send us a copy of your API keys using the form that is presented after the sign up form at the top of the page is completed. If you were referred by a friend, please add their name into the CCA:Coupon code field.
  5. What is the minimum account size?

    Since we offer personalized service in our private beta, the minimum account size is $5,000 USD or equivalent in BTC, but we can arrange a trial period with a smaller minimum.

  6. What are your fees?

    We ordinarily charge 30% of the net profit. For the private beta period, we have a special introductory rate of 25%. This means, if you make $1000 with our automated trading system, we will bill you for $250 at the end of the month. That bill is payable in USD or Bitcoin.

  7. Do you send monthly statements?

    Yes, we send a profit/loss statement each month to update you on your returns as well as bill for services.

  8. Will you have a client interface soon?

    Yes, we are hard at work on a client interface to display live account return data. We hope to have this completed by late August.

  9. Are other Bitcoin exchanges coming in the near future?

    Yes! Check back with us regularly, and if you have a particular exchange in mind, please let us know.